Restoration Work

We Specialize in Restoration Work

Synergy specializes in restoration work and is presently servicing many established restoration companies. We are very aware of the nature of the Restoration Business where in many cases we are dealing with a customer in the midst of a disaster in their home or business. We understand the relatively higher expectations of restoration contractors and their clients and do our best satisfy these needs.

Our entire service department is designed around the work flow necessities of restoration jobs.

These are some of the things we offer: SERVICE CALL2

  • 24/7 Emergency service.
  • All our techs are qualified professionals.
  • We have competitive rates for your competitive market.
  • Quick invoice processing depending on the degree of detail required. We customize our invoicing to incorporate your requirements such as proper job numbers, purchase order numbers, and other special details, and are proficient with emailing invoices to the required people.
  • Our service techs are required to complete a detailed restoration checklist which prompts them to acknowledge conditions before and after each job (in addition to pictures) and this information is sent from the job site to our dispatch personnel for review and action. Any important information, such as a damaged countertop, is brought to the attention of your project manager.
  • Upon request, we can prepare estimates, flat rate pricing schedule, site reports (with recommendations), and scopes or work.
  • Our computerized dispatch system and GPS system on each service vehicle, allow us to keep detailed historical records of all our jobs and help us determine the most suited technician for any call.
  • Each service tech has a smart phone and is in constant communication with our dispatch personnel.
  • A team of professionals is monitoring all emails and perlustrating all invoices and workorders.
  • Upon completion of each service job, work orders are sent from the work site to our office for processing.
  • If a larger job is required, Synergy’s construction department is available for support.
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