Synergy is very proud of their professional methods of processing quotations, claims, invoices, shop drawings, O&M Manuals, general paperwork, and correspondence enabling pleasurable working relationships with their clients. Their staff is up to date with the latest technologies (computers, smartphones, cell phones, software) to allow them to properly and efficiently communicate, document, schedule, and transfer information.

Synergy is very proud of the way they prepare quotations and tenders. Synergy generally provides quotations with detailed scopes of work indicating key inclusions and exclusions to allow their clients to be very informed of what is being quoted. Synergy wants their clients to use their quotations as a guide to be used to compare other tenders to ensure all are bidding the same scope and to avoid any surprises or unnecessary claims later in the project.

Most projects involve changes to the scope of work which result in change orders, site instructions, quotations, etc. Synergy prepares claims in ways to make the claims as understandable as possible with the intention of getting the claims through the system in the first pass. Synergy does this by doing its best to provide adequate information so that all parties such as generals, consultants, owners are able to see what is entailed in the claim. The claims will include price breakdowns (labour, materials, subtrades, hours, mark-ups) and provide a detailed takeoff of the material involved. When requested, Synergy is very accommodating in modifying their claims to suit their clients requirements and help justify the claim.