Pipe Repairs

Synergy’s technicians are extremely well versed in sourcing and repairing plumbing and gas leaks of all kinds in your home. Count on us to find the problem quickly and to present you with all of your repair or replacement options. We are always happy to provide a quotation upon request.

SERVICE CALL2Some of our many plumbing leak services include:

Above Ground

  • Water leaks & failed piping
    • Leak sourcing
    • Repairs to any type of piping
    • Complete Repipes
    • Leaky hot water tanks
    • Leaky boilers
    • Dripping hose bibs
    • Water pressure inspection
  • Drainage leaks
    • Leaky connections to fixtures
    • Drainage, waste & venting leaks & repairs
    • Slow drains
  • Gas leak detection & repair
  • Hot water heating leak repairs

Below Ground

  • Leak sourcing
    • Camera & video pipe inspection for sewer and drain tile
  • Sewer main repairs & replacements
    • Tree root removal
  • Water main repairs, upgrades & replacements
  • Drain tile repairs & replacements
  • Irrigation (lawn sprinklers) leak repairs