Heating Maintenance Plans

Ask about our complete heating maintenance plans offered to residential homeowners. One of our experienced estimators will perform a thorough inspection and report of your home and tailor a custom maintenance plan to your individual requirements. We offer priority service to members that sign up. Many realtors and new homeowners find this service useful for finding out the many things that are missed by your average home inspection at the time of purchase. Call and ask for further details.

Heating maintenance services include:

  • Thorough safety inspection checklist, with a copy left on site with all recommendations noted
  • Check the condition of your vent connection pipe and chimney and verify that the vent was correctly installed
  • Check the physical integrity of the heat exchanger and verify that there are no leaks or cracks
  • Adjust the controls for optimum temperature settings for both efficiency and comfort
  • Check the condition of the combustion chamber
  • Test for carbon monoxide (CO) and remedy if found
  • Adjust blower control and supply-air temperature
  • Clean and oil the blower
  • Remove any dirt, soot, or corrosion from the appliance
  • Check fuel input and flame characteristics and adjust if necessary
  • Test all safety devices
  • Inspect pressure tank and verify that it is filled with the proper amount of air
  • Clean the heat exchanger
  • Combustion analysis reporting
  • Replacement of dirty air filters (if applicable)