Drain cleaning

Do you need Drain Cleaning?

Having Drainage issues?

• Is your bathtub draining slowly?
• Is your toilet over flowing?
• Is there a pool of water while you are having a shower?
• Is your dishwasher not cleaning?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, drain cleaning will probably solve the problem.

If it’s a visa_mastercard_1simple fix or a complicated one, Synergy is committed to resolve the problem in a cost effective manner.

Our extensive experience with fire/flood/Restoration companies have prepared us to deal with all sorts of plumbing emergencies and situations.

Synergy has the equipment to do the job from hand augering or snaking out a blockage to hydrojetting clean the entire pipe if required. In many cases we can locate the problem with a camera saving you time and costs.

Drain cleaning can be a messy job. Be assured with Synergy, that we will send you a licensed plumber who will treat your home as a home and not a job site.

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The Synergy Difference


Synergy: Reasonable Pricing

• At Synergy, we rely on word of mouth advertising instead of mass media advertising. This is how we keep our expenses lower and can pass on the savings to our customers in the form of lower rates. Compare our rates with the larger top advertised companies.
• By being a smaller family business we believe we are better able to manage our field staff so that the technician that is sent to your home is adhering to our standard company practices of having work done as expediently as possible, also saving you money.
• Our technicians are not Commission based. We are not going to try to sell you something you do not need.

Synergy: Committed

• Our shop is centrally located in Burnaby and our technicians live and work all over the Lower Mainland, have GPS equipped vehicles, and all have smartphones. We are just around the corner, so if you need us we can be there right away to deal with an Emergency-24/7.
• We believe we have a balanced company that is very suited for the needs of a residential customer. We are not so small that a few jobs would disrupt our commitments and we are not so big that we don’t know who our technicians are and what they can do.

Synergy: Trustworthy

• Trust Synergy to respect your home
• Trust Synergy to do a good job
• Trust Synergy to charge a fair price
• Synergy is fully insured in case of any unfortunate accident
• Synergy is proud to be an A+ Rated fully accredited member of BBB