If you live in a house in the lower mainland you likely rely upon a boiler or a furnace for heat. The fact is, many homeowners give their lawnmowers more attention than the gas appliances that keep their families warm. Whether your boiler is due for a highly recommended annual safety tune up or your heat has already failed to come on, you can always trust the highly trained heating pros at Synergy to get you back up and running. If it’s time for an upgrade we will take you through all of your options, provide a free estimate and even look into whether any energy rebates apply to your upgrade.

Our boiler services include:SERVICE CALL2

  • Component repair and replacement
    • Our technicians carry a variety of common heating parts, which save costly trips to the wholesaler
    • In addition to the technician’s base qualifications, they have taken part in additional in-depth training from a variety boiler & furnace manufacturers. This streamlines trouble-shooting time, and gives us access to parts, literature & technical support, should it be required
  • No-heat calls – Troubleshooting
    • Synergy has experienced, ticketed, and qualified heating technicians, capable of handling any diagnostic calls 24/7/365
  • Replacements/Upgrades
    • We can propose multiple options for boiler replacement, ranging from construction grade units, to high-efficient condensing boilers
    • Combination boiler & DHW units are available for space-saving applications, and are also energy efficient options
  • Annual maintenance and servicing
    • Synergy recommends an annual maintenance for all residential heating appliances
    • We offer competitive maintenance pricing, and perform a thorough safety inspection, complete with a checklist, which we leave on site with all recommendations noted
    • We can also provide a combustion analysis report for all heating appliances
  • Hydronic filter & pot-filler replacement/installations
    • We can install a variety of hydronic filters as well as pot-fillers, and recommend a chemical treatment or rust inhibitor based on your system needs
  • System Design
    • We can provide residential hydronic system design services
  • Radiant installations
  • Synergy Plumbing & Heating always takes out the necessary permits when working with gas equipment.


Heat Exchanger

  • Cleaning
    • Both boiler & furnace heat exchanger cleaning is required every few years. This is needed to keep your appliances running in a safe and efficient manner
  • Replacements
    • Should a heat exchanger be cracked or damaged, we can propose to best option to you in regards to repair or replacement